Mass Auto Flowers

Mass Auto is a collaborative effort with a medicinal grow facility in order to breed the best possible feminized autoflowering hybrids out of an extremely large selection from the best gene pools around. Our small batch auto strains are bred and tested like no other, in a 1:1 parent ratio where every combination can be thoroughly tested and proven. This reduces diversity and allows us to lock in traits. Our focus is an autoflower that will impress a photoperiod grower with quality flower that smokes well, has a strong effect, smells and tastes great. Our breeding experience with the facility was a one time opportunity, and since we have finished our strains may only available one time each. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

All Mass Auto gear is available in packs of 5 feminized, auto-flowering Beans.

Current Promotion: No current breeder promo but JBC will make sure all orders receive some type of freebie.

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