Alphakronik – Alpha OG (SFV x Alphakronik)



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Alpha OG – the one Alphakronik Genetics fans have been begging for. Taking a decade towade through all the “OG” offering throughout the scene, AKG finally decided upon using the San Fernando Valley iteration to be the basis for their flagship OG offering, firing on all cylinders and taking no names. Tall, heavy, powerful – this is how Alpha OG grows. Producing some of the densest flowers Alphakronik Genetics has seen to date brings back memories of mid-90’s buds that would worktheir way through the West Coast of the United States back in the day, keeping users fingers sticky from attempting to break open these “grown rocks” for blunts and joints alike. Fat OG flowers that reekbadly enough that the smell escapes from even the best smell-proof containers will entice users with bag appeal, a very heavy nose, and taste that is to be remembered.Growers can expect large yields, heavy flowers, need for ventilation and extra air flow, order mitigation, and extremely happy and high customers.

Oregon Goods Series  /  THC: 26%+


PAPA: Alphakronik (Chem D x Dawgfather OG)

FLAVOR: Skunk, Fuel, French Bread, Garlic, Onion, Rubber

HARVEST WINDOW: 67 – 73  Days

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