Alphakronik – Enigma (Blue Dream x Snowdawg 2)



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Enigma combines the hashy flavors and huge yields Blue Dream is known for with the sweet fuel funk and strong structure that Snowdawg brings to the table. This is a very high yielding plant that grows very large and may require extra pruning for light penetration.

Enigma is a line that was added to the Great Mind Series as a dedication to Alan Turing, the British scientist who helped decode the Nazi Enigma code.  Enigma combines the hashy flavor and huge yields that Blue Dream is known for, with the sweet fuel funk and strong structure that the Snowdawg brings to the cross.  Growers can expect to use extra nitrogen and lots of staking to keep the heavy flowers growing to the potential through flower.  This plant is an extra heavy yielding plant and will grow very large, which may require extra pruning to maintain light penetration.

MAMA: Blue Dream

PAPA: Snowdawg 2

TYPE: Sat. Dom. Hybrid (70/30) 

MEDICINAL EFFECTS: Anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, arthritis, Crohn’s disease and nausea.

YIELD: Extremely Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 65 – 70 Days

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