Alphakronik – Force Flashburn (Chem D x SHK)



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Flashburn was a term used by the Jedi Order to describe the reaction in which certain Jedi of Force-Sensitives shutdown areas of their minds in reaction to emotional trauma.

We found through reports from our testers that this hybrid works very well in conjunction with counseling to help reduce the effects of PTSD in severely traumatized patients, thus earning the name Force Flashburn.

Force Series  /  CBD: 4-6  /  THC: 13-18%

MAMA: Chem D

PAPA: Stephen Hawking Kush

AROMA: Gas, Rubber, Cherry, Eucalyptus

FLAVOR: Sweet and Gassy, with Sour Cherry notes and a menthol finish.

YIELD: Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW:  63 – 70 Days


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