Alphakronik – Grand Brix (IBG x Sin City Kush)



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Grand Brix (Grand Br-EE), has been a passion project of Alphakronik Genetics for over a decade. Taking 8 years to secure the real Indiana Bubblegum, AKG knew the real deal Bubblegum would be the perfect mate for their Sin City Kush male. The two combined made for a super-sweet flavored, fast growing and extremely easy to harvest progeny that won the hearts of both those who’ve grown it and those who’ve tasted it.Growers report mid to large yields of sweet, and sugary tasting flowers require extra attention nearing harvest due to their weight gain and density. Keeping humidity low and air movement up with assist in bringing her to completion without issues known to plague plants with extremely thick colas.

MAMA: Indiana Bubblegum

PAPA: Sin City Kush

AROMA: Candy, Fruit, Bubblegum, Hash, Coffee

HARVEST WINDOW: 55 – 60  Days

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