Alphakronik – Junglist OG (Ghost OG x Alphakronik)



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This limited edition hybrid was developed over a two year period in our Oregon gardens, using the legendary Ghost OG mom and our infamous Alphakronik father plants. While the father chosen for this project did reduce the stretch that Ghost OG is known for down a bit, it did not limit yields or aroma. In fact, we found a 5% increase in yield over the mom and a new “Chem” component in the aroma that so many people love!

This one is for the gasheads who love heavier smoke that will decimate their day. Be warned.

.MAMA: Ghost OG

PAPA: Alphakronik (Dogbud “Chem D” x Dawgfather)

AROMA: Skunk, Bread, Fuel, with a hint of Banana

FLAVOR: Pine, Skunk, Fuel

YIELD: Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 63 – 70 Days

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