Alphakronik – Maturin (Alien Rock Candy x Alphakronik)



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Maturin the Turtle, another ancient cosmic being that created our universe and countless others. In The Dark Tower, Maturin is established as one of the twelve Guardians of the Beams that hold up the Dark Tower itself. Though he acts mostly as a spectator to the events of It, Maturin is diametrically opposed to It (a being of creation versus a being of consumption) and aids in advising the Losers Club about the Ritual of Chud, which is the only thing that can ultimately destroy It.

Alphakronik Genetics Maturin wanted to bring the heavy stoning effects of the Alien Rock Candy hybrid to pair with the flavor, structure, and disease resistance of the flagship “Alphakronik” breeding stock they are known for. Growers can expect a medium sized plant for the root-zone provided, with an even canopy of colas.

The Beams Series  /  THC: 26.4%+

MAMA: Alien Rock Candy [Kindlove cut]

PAPA: Alphakronik (Chem D x Dawgfather OG)

AROMA: Coffee, Baking Spices, Garlic, Tennis Balls

HARVEST WINDOW: 60 – 67 Days

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