Alphakronik – Pine Rosin (Pine Tar Kush x Dawgfather)



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Pine Rosin – The Pacific Northwest Series release by Alphakornik Genes is their last offering with the famed “Pine Tar Kush” plant, and it is above and beyond anything other Pine Tar Kush hybrid now available on the market. Tested at over 29% THC, Pine Rosin is sure to obiterate even the most hardened smoker with wave after pine flavored wave of a relaxing, and sedating high that will ease anxieties and bring on the munchies. This varietal is knowing to be overpowering in pre-harvest aroma, so odor-eliminating precautions are recommended.

MAMA: Pine Tar Kush

PAPA: Dawgfather

AROMA: Fresh Cut Pine, Blood Orange, Citrus Zest, Gasoline, and Onion.

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 63 Days


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