Alphakronik – Ragnarok (Exodus Cheese x Kimbo Kush)



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Ragnarok is a hybrid developed to offer Exodus Cheese flavors in a commercial yielding plant for those who love sweet berry and cream cheese type aromas and tastes but in a larger yielding flower format and structure. The name was chose as a dedication to the fall of the Gods in Norse mythology, or “Ragnarok” which translates to “The Twilight of the Gods”. Growers can expect large yields of highly aromatic flowers that are comprised of fat, swollen and trichome covered calyxes and sugar leaf, while also growing well in humid environments. This makes fantastic berry flavored extracts and does well in both carbon extraction as well as pressure extraction in preserving the flavorful terpenes and cannabinoids.

We suggest giving lots of space for rooting as it grows fast and bushy.  It may need deleafing throughout the flower period to get optimal light output to lower branches.

MAMA: 1988 Skunk #1 “Exodus Cheese”

PAPA: Kimbo Kush [Exotic Genetix]

TYPE: 50/50 Hybrid

HARVEST WINDOW: 60 – 65 Days

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