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Alchemy fits the name for this hybrid, by mixing two amazing strains. Chemdawg, with its diesel/earthy tones and crossing it to Querkle and its grape/musky aroma, you get the best of both strains… diesel and grape flavors that cover your tongue.

Many variations are extremely colorful with traces of pink and magenta. The smoke is smooth and soft on the throat with a slight berry and sandalwood flavor. The lemon is understated but still present. The high comes on fast and strong and is very upbeat almost giddy. The Indica Influence is felt later in the trip and transfers into an overall body stone. Very powerful medicine.

MAMA: Chemdawg

PAPA: Querkle

TYPE: 50/50 Hybrid

AROMA/FLAVOR:  Diesel, Grapes, Musty, Earthy

EFFECTS: Motivating, Stimulating; Very upbeat and almost giddy.

MEDICINAL EFFECTS: Relaxation, Pain Relief

YIELD: Average

POTENCY LEVEL: Extremely High

HARVEST WINDOW: 55 – 65 Days


KNOWN PHENOS: We had two phenos one that was taller with strong diesel / grape flavor & the shorter one with earthy /musky aroma.

SUGGESTED GROWING METHOD: Top Early to shape, cage or bamboo for support needed.

NOTES: super dense flower formations.

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