Subcool – Bloodberries (Bloodwreck x Goji OG)

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Working with the Infamous Bloodwreck clone used to create Chernobyl and Queen Anne’s Revenge, Badger selected a nice male from 50 seeds that passed on cherry, strawberry, punch and a dash of licorice. Wolfberry is another name for Goji Berries and I think the terps combine nicely with the red stemmed and unusual smells and taste of the rare Bloodwreck mother.

Recreational users will find the high THC attractive. The psychoactive effects will come on soon after the initial rush. An instant wave of relaxation flows over you and anxiety washed away as the incredible berry flavor seems into your taste buds and waffs through your nostrils. This one taste and looks incredible and the resin production is completely off the charts.

New release for 4/20!!!

LINEAGE: Train Wreck x Trinity x Nepali OG X Snow Lotus

MAMA: Bloodwreck

PAPA: Goji OG (Badger’s selection from 50)

TYPE: 50/50 Hybrid

AROMA/FLAVOR: Goji Berries, Strawberries, Milkshake, Cherry,  Punch, Trainwreck

EFFECTS: Very Potent, Sedative, Pain Relief

YIELD: Heavy

POTENCY LEVEL: Extremely High

HARVEST WINDOW: 54 – 60 Days

NOTES: All plants seem to have large yields and great structure.  Good for extracts.

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