Subcool – Cherry Cordial (Hells OG x SQ)



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Cherry Cordial is one of those thick oily type smokes that coats your tongue with undertones of Cherry OG and Limes.  The flowers are light green in color with pistils ranging from a vibrant dark orange to a light orange almost looks white in color especially next to all the trichomes. Buds are nice and dense. The aroma that comes off of her throughout growth is overpowering. 

Throwing some 6 day dried flowers in a Sasquatch Rosin press produced rivers of golden resin that immediately buttered up into what looked like margarine. Producing fat thick spears that start changing color at week 7 showing our oranges and burgundy shading.

Hells OG

PAPA: Space Queen

TYPE: Ind. Dom. Hybrid (65/35)

AROMA: Cherry, Limes, Cola, Burgundy, Dates, Fruit…  Overpowering aromas during veg (filters suggested).

FLAVOR: Undertones of Cherry OG and Limes.

EFFECTS: Heady, Calming, Stony, Relaxing, Creative without causing anxiety… It has a subtle Indica body high.  Creeper with a duration up to 4-5 hours.

MEDICINAL EFFECTS: Pain relief, especially in the back and spine

YIELD: Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 63 Days

KNOWN PHENOS: The 1st being OG dominant with tall lanky branch’s, dense resinous buds reeking of Sour Lemon’s Cherry and Diesels. The 2nd being tall with slightly tighter spacing and spear shaped slightly looser buds that smells of Musky Cherry/Lemon Diesel.

SUGGESTED GROWING METHOD: Any type of training that you can provide, she will respond too in a positive manner… indoors, LST is preferred.

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