Subcool – Grape Inferno (Nepali OG x Querkle)



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Thanks to our good friends at Norstar Genetics we bring you a new and exciting cross. The Nepali OG is very unusual and combined with the grape flavor of Querkle with undertones of Space queen this is one great smelling plant. Rock hard buds are produced even outdoors and in light dep. The buds are hard enough to shoot in a sling shot which adds to the total weight. The over all smell is of Hash mixed with fruits berries and cherries.  A grape fog.

This amazing new cross is unlike any other Subcool Seeds strain that has been created to date IMO. The combination of the rare Nepali OG with a hint of Querkle that adds a grape flavoring that makes you lick your lips. It also has an amazing Hash flavor from the Nepali. What I tasted was grape hash and a hint of Berries. It has hashy back ground taste that is very intriguing. The high is deep and thoughtful while also being very relaxing. While the grape flavor is in the forefront there are so many undertones, Hashy, Cherry, Earthy and Fruity with a hint of Vanilla, a true full experience of the taste spectrum…


MAMA: Nepali OG

PAPA: Querkle

TYPE: Ind. Dom. Hybrid (70/30)

AROMA/FLAVOR:  Cherry, Grape, Fruit Punch, Vanilla, Hash and Berries.

EFFECTS: Calming but very potent; the flavor keeps you taking hit after hit until your nicely toasted.

YIELD: Average with heavy hash returns.

HARVEST WINDOW: 65 – 70 Days

KNOWN PHENOS: Most are Nepali Dominant with a hint or grape taste and purple color from the querkle. 

SUGGESTED GROWING METHOD: Top Multiple Times to form an even canopy.

NOTES: Incredible colors and super dense nugs can be achieved with optimal growing methods.



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