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Grape Lime Ricky carries dense nugs with dark green, purple, and hints of magenta showing throughout the flowering period.
The smell of candy touching your nose combined with the beautiful growth of this plant makes it an instant favorite to growers and patients.  The aroma hits your nose right when your eyes see the glistening trichhomes covered flowers. A soft lemon-lime scent is flooded by the smell of grapes, similar to the grape flavored Jolly Rancher candies. 

MAMA: Purple Urkle

PAPA: Jack The Ripper

TYPE: Ind. Dom. Hybrid (60/40)

AROMA/FLAVOR: Similar to Sprite Remix Berry clear soda, a soft lemon-lime flooded with grape Jolly Ranchers.

EFFECTS: Strong and pleasant body/head high… be careful, though, too much and you’ll be glued to the couch!

MEDICINAL EFFECTS: Pain relief and insomnia. 

YIELD: Average

HARVEST WINDOW: 58 – 65 Days

KNOWN PHENOS: All tend to show traits from both parents. Fast growing plants with a bush appearance. Beautiful colors show in every phenotype with frost covered flowers.

SUGGESTED GROWING METHOD:  Trained to a Bush with several tops to increase yield.

NOTES: With an average flower time of 58-65 days, Grape Lime Ricky turns it on in the end by letting her true colors show!

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