Subcool – Jacks Cleaner 2 (Pluton  x  PH  x  Lambsbread  x  NL  x  JH x JTR)

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Jacks Cleaner 2 is a very close recreation of our most dominant Sativa Hybrid and most potent strain, Jacks Cleaner.  This is Bubbleman’s favorite bubble making plant.   

This is backcross of the legendary mother plant, Jacks Cleaner, a favorite among collectors of extremely potent hybrids.  The strain has none of the Haze flavor of the JTR and is a much taller style sativa plant, with a racing buzz that seems to slice through just about any type of high and leave the toker vibrating with a smile on their face.  The smell is 100% lemons and the taste is a mouth full of citrus, similar to a lemon head candy.  

LINEAGE: Pluton  X  Purple  Haze  X  Lambsbread  X  NL  X  Jack  Herer  X  JTR  Male

TYPE: Sat. Dom. Hybrid (80/20)

AROMA: 100% Lemons

FLAVOR: Mouth full of citrus, similar to a lemon head candy.

EFFECTS: Intense, trippy, visual, spacy, phase-shifting, and can cause paranoia.

MEDICINAL EFFECTS: Can increase heart rate and appetite.  Great for pain relief.

YIELD: Average


HARVEST WINDOW: 63 – 70 Days

KNOWN PHENOS: Most phenos are lemony sweet but a few are a lighter type of lemon scent.

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