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The high on this strain seems to have ‘no ceiling’; you keep getting higher with every bowl smoked.  This strain makes cherry-lemon full melt bubble.  THIS STRAIN IS NOT FOR OCCASIONAL SMOKERS!

Many years ago the most powerful magic recipe was locked away to protect humanity from the devastating power, locked inside a combination of genetics that only a team of Uber-stoners would have the power to harness. This strain is very stable and we are very excited about the yields we have seen. The first plants I saw grown in a hydro hut grown by a newbie grower were literally sagging with huge glass like buds and the buzz is up, speedy, very shit eating grin and smiling like a Cheshire cat like high. It’s a bit smoother than JTR and has a different feel in the head less haze influence. I can’t tell where the ceiling is as every bowl I smoke I seem to get a bit higher until the point my vision blurs. Not for light weights. I can’t stop grinning when I smoke this weed.

MAMA: Jack The Ripper

PAPA: Space Queen (Jack the Ripper F2) Stabilized

TYPE: Sat. Dom. Hybrid (70/30)

AROMA/FLAVOR:  It taste like NL5 to me but its very industrial with a slight citrus taste and a undertone of spice and hash One female has been named Cherry Lethal lemonade.

EFFECTS: Zooming, Happy, Grinning


YIELD: Heavy

POTENCY LEVEL: Extremely High

HARVEST WINDOW:  56 – 65 Days

SUGGESTED GROWING METHOD: Topped and bound/Vegged to a large bush.

NOTES: Wide thick sweeping arms with weighted colas that need support after 50 days.

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