Subcool – Scarlet Queen (Killer Queen x SQ)



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Scarlet Queen combines two of Vic High’s most resinous strains together in a cosmic genetic soup. A Rainbow of smells and flavors combined with the potency of G-13 while providing an incredible taste.. Known for producing a red Hash extract in history it is the only hash I have enjoyed more than Cuvee. The plant is covered from stem to leaf tip with collectable heads of cherry goo. Expect Vigorous growth and heavy resin production.

LINEAGE: G-13 X Romulan X Romulan X C99

MAMA: Killer Queen

PAPA: Space Queen

TYPE: Sat. Dom. Hybrid (60/40)

AROMA/FLAVOR:  Smells sweet and fruity like a Cherry Jolly Rancher with a tart aftertaste.

MEDICINAL EFFECTS: Good for sleep.

YIELD: Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW:  55 – 63 Days

KNOWN PHENOS: Slight variation with red hair pistils being very dominant.

SUGGESTED GROWING METHOD: Multiple topping produces the best yields.

NOTES: Heavy Extract Yields. Tall plants.

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