New AK Bean Brains drop and restock including a limited amount of Golden Showers and a restock of Hawaiian Cat Piss is scheduled to drop Monday at 6:30 PM (Pacific Daylight Time).

**Sales of Golden Showers will be limited to one per customer.

Some new releases from Gooeybreeder’s Cannaexotics are scheduled to drop Tuesday at 12:00 noon (Pacific Daylight Time).
**Including the long awaited 2019 Pure gooey!!!

We have restocked Charlotte’s Gift (20% – 34% CBD) from Relic Seeds!!!

There’s only a week left to get your entries in for the extremely limited Bodhi Kandahar Black packs (along with a companion pack of Petrolia Headstash).
**details are on Bodhi’s page of the site..

Thank you guys for everything and enjoy those beans!