3/18 High Lonesome restock has hit and is now available!!!

3/15 Some very limited gear (Thai Crosses) from Coastal Seed Co will drop tomorrow morning, Thursday 3/16 at 7:00am Pacific Daylight Time. A restock has already hit including BSHW x Colombian!!! 

3/10 We expect Super Silver Haze (SSH 1998 HTCC WINNER x SSHF3) from Relic Seeds to drop Sunday 3/12 At High Noon 12:00pm Pacific Daylight Time.

3/10 A Few new releases from Dynasty Genetics have dropped and are now available along with a restock of a couple of your favorites: Salmon River OG and Pineapple Fields!!! And A limited restock of the recently re-released Super Silver Blue Magoo!

3/7 We have added High Lonesome Seeds to the JBC Family! His Appalachia F3 along with some Appalachia crosses are now available.

3/7 Useful Seeds has restocked a few lines and added a couple F2 preservation packs to the mix. They are available now.

3/7 We have added Blue Star Seed Co to the JBC family!!! Grape Diesel Kush and Instablue are available now.

2/21 A bunch of New Strayfox Gear has dropped and is now available!!!

2/21 We expect the following gear from Bodhi to drop around mid March. We will keep you posted here on the news page with exact drop info as soon as we have it!!!

NFT Packs:

Shishkaberry x Old Widow x 88g13hp

Cherry Pie Kush x 88g13hp

Bubble Gum x 88g13hp

Mule Fuel x 88g13hp

Oreoz x 88g13hp

Headband 56 Day x 88g13hp

Royal Kush x 88g13hp

Gelato 41 x 88g13hp

NL5 Purple x 88g13hp

Face Off x 88g13hp


New Lines:

Flying Triangle (Black Trianglex Wookie 15)

Woorock (Roc x Wookie 15)

Purple Empress (Vintage Jack Herrer x Purple Unicorn)

Purple Lemon Thai (Lemon Thai x Purple Unicorn)

Strawberry Fantasy (Larry OG x Strawberry Milk)


Deep Line Alchemy:

DLA 16 – 80’s Black Afghani x Artifact 1 Afghan x 88g13hp


Supernatural Selections:

Staff Of Life (NL2 x Thai x Artifact 1 Afghani)

Pleiadian Artifact (Vietnamese x Kashmir x x Artifact 1 Afghani)



1/30 We will be adding Blue Star Seed Co to the JBC Family soon!!!

1/30 A restock from Mephisto has hit along with a new release from them!!!

1/30 Blueberry f5 and 90’s Blues have both been restocked from Old World Genetics