(LAST UPDATE: 10/18)

10/18 We expect the following new gear, from Strayfox, to drop Thursday (10/21), at 7:10 AM, PST:
7 Unicorns (Double Unicorn x 7 Ghosts) [FEM], Pillow Surfing (Pure Kush x Hollywood Pure Kush) [FEM], Platinum Pound Cake (London Pound Cake x Platinum S2) [FEM], Milano 91 (Blackberry Milano x Chemdog 91 SKVA) [FEM], Hollywood Triangle (Triangle Kush x Hollywood Pure Kush) [FEM], Sour Diesel Daydream (Sour Diesel x SSDD) [FEM], Geo Thermal (Tahoe Alien 6 x Project 007) [FEM], Hollywood Ghosts (Hollywood Pure Kush x 7 Ghosts) [FEM], 100 Rackz (Tresdawg x 7 Ghosts) [FEM], North Indian Kush Cake (North Indian Red Skunk x LA Kush Cake) [FEM], Alien’s & Milk (Tahoe Alien 4 x Angels Milk) [FEM],  7 Marshmallows (Black Marshmallow x 7 Ghosts) [FEM],Cherry Racer (High Mac x 88 Cherries) [FEM], Iraqi Banger (Tresbanger x Iraqi 66) [FEM], Marshmallow Hashplant (Black Marshmallow x PNW Hashplant) [FEM],  88 Kush (88 Cherries x Hollywood Pure Kush) [FEM], LA Girlz (LA Kush Cakes x Project 007) [FEM], Amber Peach (Angels Milk 17 x Peaches N Chem),Teks Little Angel (Willydog x Angel’s Milk), Blueberry Milk (Mothers Milk 31 x Blueberry),Chemmy Blues (Chemdog 4 x Blueberry Temple),North Indian Bakery (North Indian Skunk x Iraqi),Red Skunk HP (Iraqi Red Skunk x PNW HP – 88G13 HP), Black GMO (GMO x Afghani Black Skunk), Tahoe and Blueberries (Tahoe OG x Blueberry Milk), Milky Haze (White Haze x Angel Milk)!


10/11 The following new Dynasty gear will drop Thursday (10/14), at 4:20 AM, PST, along with a nice promo:
Periwinkle Pez (Purple Punch x SSH F3), Super Pineapple Haze (Pineapple Fields x SSH F3), Spider Bite V2 (C99/WW x SSH F3), Super Silver Bubba (Bubba x SSH F3), Super Silver Grapefruit (Grapefruit IBL x SSH F3), Supa Durban (Durban Poison x SSH F3), Super Silver Deez (Sour Diesel x SSH F3), and Blue Legend Haze (GB Blueberry x SSH F3)!


09/20 The new AKBB gear will drop Thursday (09/23), at 12:00 PM (High Noon), PST!


09/20 The Rare Dankness restock, including Ghost Train Haze #1 and Somali Taxi Ride, will hit Tuesday (09/21), at 7:10 AM, PST!


09/15 We expect a restock and the following new gear, from AKBB, to drop next week.  We will update you, here, when we have an exact drop date/time:
Cornbread Mafia Mexican Death Sativa  |  68 Santa Cruz x A5-NL5-Haze  |  Bucket List BX  |  Flattop Haze x A5-NL5-Haze  |  Ike’s Afghani 80’s Humbolt  |  White 91 x TKNL5 Haze F2  |  68 Santa Cruz x M8 F2  |  Big Skunk x Williams Wonder  |  Deathstarosa  |  Heavy Duity Fruity x Grape God FPOG  |  PHK x Williams Wonder  |  Stardawg NL1 x Super Skunk  |  Williams Wonder x Vintage Blueberry  


08/30 A limited restock of Megafauna, from Dynasty, will drop Wednesday (09/01), at 7:10 AM, PST!


08/28 The new Bodhi drop is LIVE NOW!


08/27 The new Bodhi gear will drop tomorrow (08/28), at 7:10 AM, PST… The restock is live now!


08/18 G13/Haze F3 (Limited, one-time release), by Relic Seeds, will drop Friday (08/20), at 12:00 PM (High Noon), PST!


08/18 The following Dynasty drop/restock will hit Friday (08/20), at 12:00 PM (High Noon), PST:
Oregon Silver Lemon and Llama Berry    
and a restock of the following:
Megafauna  |  Alpen Glow  |  Huckleberry Meringue  |  Huckleberry Diesel v2  |  Huckleberry Punch  |  Lime Berry Mega  |  Moose & Lobsta v2


08/06 New gear and a restock, from Dynasty, will drop Sunday, at 7:10 AM, PST! 
Included in this drop:  Orange Tart (Orange Blossom x Exodus Cheese BX1) ***very limited 


08/06 New gear and a restock, from Relic, will drop Sunday, at 7:10 AM, PST!
Included in this drop: Goosebay Blueberry x Grapefruit F2    |   Thunderfruit (MTF x Grapefruit F2)  |  Cherry Vanilla Cheese (Ms Universe #3 x Exodus Cheese BX1)