(LAST UPDATE: 05/21)

05/21 New AKBB drop/restock will hit Monday (05/25) at High Noon (12:00 PST)!


05/12 Useful Seeds’ highly anticipated feminized Box Of Chocolates numbers 2, 3, and 4 will drop tomorrow morning (05/13) at 4:20 AM (PST)!!!


05/10 The very limited Runtz line, from Exotic Genetix, will drop tomorrow at High Noon (12:00 PST) along with a pretty sweet promo offer valid for the Runtz line only!


05/08 Katsu restock and new promo choice is live now!


05/06 DJ Short’s newest drop, OTM 5.5 (Old Time Moonshine x Blueberry), will drop tomorrow at High Noon (12:00 PST)!


05/06 Key Lime Chem (Dragonsoul x DJ BB), from Second Generation Genetics, is live now!


04/18 New Bodhi BOGO FREEBIE PROMO is live now along with a new drop and restock!


04/16 New AKBB drop/restock will hit tomorrow at 1:00 PM (PST)!


04/16 New Strayfox/Circle Of Blessings drop/restock will hit tomorrow at 1:00 PM (PST)!


04/15 New drops and restocks from Dynasty, Relic, KOS, and Red Eyed Genetics will hit the site tomorrow around 12:00, high noon (PST)!


04/14 Useful Seeds restock is live now including Chocolate Diesel F3’s! 


04/10 Crickets and Cicada new gear has dropped and is available now!


04/10 DJ Short’s newest drop, Seven of Nine, is live now!


04/06 We are officially out of this season’s JBC exclusive Respect Genetics freebies.  No worries, though, as always, all orders come with some sort of freebies!!!


04/06 Bodhi drop and restock is expected in the next week or so.  We will be running a BOGO Freebie pack promo with this drop!
Here are the new releases we expect:
Black Light Fantasy (Mendo Purps x Purple Unicorn)  |  Purple Unicorn F5  |  Dragon’s Milk (Dragonsoul x Strawberry Milk)  |  Tiger’s Tail (OGKB x OMG)  |  Divine Intervention (Congo Kashmir x Wookie)  |  Air Guitar (Temple x Wookie)  |  Garfunkle (Dumpster x 88G13HP)  |  Peach Hashplant (Peach Romulan x 88G13HP)  |  Panamanian Space Probe (Panama x Kashmir) 


04/06 We expect the following new releases from Crickets and Cicada to drop later this week:
Silk Road (Red Lebanese HP x PNWHP/NL1)  |  Disco (Headband x PNWHP/NL1)  |  Dinosaur Cookies (GSC x TK/M10)  |  OGTKM10 (OG Kush x TK/M10)


04/06 We are expecting some new releases and a restock from AKBB in the next week or so including Skunk Qabbage BX7 and a restock of Golden Showers!


04/06 We are expecting the following new releases from Red Eyed Genetics soon along with a restock:
Trilock (TK x Locktite)  |  *Chemlock (Chem 91 x Locktite)  |  *Magtite (Magnum PI x Locktite)  


03/23 Exotic’s second Grease Monkey Line (Volume 2) is scheduled to drop at 4:20 AM (PST), this Wednesday (03/25)!


03/13 New gear from Norstar has just dropped along with a new promo!


03/05 February Red Eyed Genetics Raffle:  Thanks for your participation in the February Red Eyed Genetics raffle.  The winners have been notified and prizes have been shipped.  Congrats to the 4 winners!


03/03 New AKBB gear is scheduled to drop at 9:00 AM (PST), this Thursday (03/05):
TKNL5 Haze F3 (NL Dom.)  |  Sensi Star F4  |  NL5/NL1 x Super Skunk Blueberry Muffin x Vintage Blueberry  |  The One x Chocolope  |  TK/TKNL5 Haze x Chocolate Thai  

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