(LAST UPDATE: 09/15)

09/15 We expect a restock and the following new gear, from AKBB, to drop next week.  We will update you, here, when we have an exact drop date/time:
Cornbread Mafia Mexican Death Sativa  |  68 Santa Cruz x A5-NL5-Haze  |  Bucket List BX  |  Flattop Haze x A5-NL5-Haze  |  Ike’s Afghani 80’s Humbolt  |  White 91 x TKNL5 Haze F2  |  68 Santa Cruz x M8 F2  |  Big Skunk x Williams Wonder  |  Deathstarosa  |  Heavy Duity Fruity x Grape God FPOG  |  PHK x Williams Wonder  |  Stardawg NL1 x Super Skunk  |  Williams Wonder x Vintage Blueberry  


09/15 We expect a restock, from Rare Dankness, next week and will update you, here, with the exact date/time, when we have one.


08/30 A limited restock of Megafauna, from Dynasty, will drop Wednesday (09/01), at 7:10 AM, PST!


08/28 The new Bodhi drop is LIVE NOW!


08/27 The new Bodhi gear will drop tomorrow (08/28), at 7:10 AM, PST… The restock is live now!


08/18 G13/Haze F3 (Limited, one-time release), by Relic Seeds, will drop Friday (08/20), at 12:00 PM (High Noon), PST!


08/18 The following Dynasty drop/restock will hit Friday (08/20), at 12:00 PM (High Noon), PST:
Oregon Silver Lemon and Llama Berry    
and a restock of the following:
Megafauna  |  Alpen Glow  |  Huckleberry Meringue  |  Huckleberry Diesel v2  |  Huckleberry Punch  |  Lime Berry Mega  |  Moose & Lobsta v2


08/06 Congrats to our July Raffle winners!!!  All winners have now been notified by email.  Thanks, everyone, for your continued support!


08/06 New gear and a restock, from Dynasty, will drop Sunday, at 7:10 AM, PST! 
Included in this drop:  Orange Tart (Orange Blossom x Exodus Cheese BX1) ***very limited 


08/06 New gear and a restock, from Relic, will drop Sunday, at 7:10 AM, PST!
Included in this drop: Goosebay Blueberry x Grapefruit F2    |   Thunderfruit (MTF x Grapefruit F2)  |  Cherry Vanilla Cheese (Ms Universe #3 x Exodus Cheese BX1)


07/17 While we don’t have an exact drop date yet, we have received word of the new Bodhi gear that will drop.

We will update you here with drop/restock date and time as soon as we have the details.

Here is a list of the new gear we are expecting:
eautiful Day (Topanga Pure Kush x Strawberry Milk) 9 weeks* uplifting inspiring stawberry citrus og kush
Strawberry Temple (Temple x Strawberry Milk) Big ticky wizard wands of orange bubblegum inspiration… 9 weeks
Pure Land Hashplant (Congo Kashmir x 88G13HP) 9 weeks forest*earth*pine*sage*elderberry productive.  the hashplant version of divine intervention….
Golden Hashplant (TK x Green Crack x Tres dawg x 88G13HP) apple melon gas earth*big girl*polyhybrid of royal cannabis bloodlines..  9 weeks
Saints Crossing (Saint Stephen x 88G13HP) saint stephen originally know as stevie wonder, one of my oldest creations still in clone form, a hybrid of the favorite plants i was working with around 2005 in santa cruz (bubba kush x blueberry x trainwreck x sensi star) pink bubble gum and eucalyptus black berry soda, makes you feel like a saint..large and colorful… 
Wookie Hashplant V2 (Wookie 30 x 88G13HP) passionfruit pheno remix
Mothers Hashplant remix (mm #5 x 88G13HP) the candy hearts pheno remix…
Deep Line Alchemy 15 (Angel Wing Afghan x 88G13HP) 


07/17 We will be dropping the following Mephisto Genetics on Monday (07/19), at 12:00 PM (High Noon), PST!
3 Bears  |  Creme De La Chem  |  Double Grape  |  Sour Stomper  |  Skywalker   |  Samsquanch OG


07/17 We will be dropping Grape Stomper BX3, from Legendary Genetics, on Tuesday (07/20), at 12:00 PM (High Noon), PST!


07/14 In an effort to bring you the finest of genetics, we have added two new members to the JBC seeds family!  One that needs no introduction and one that is making his debut with us!
We expect to add Mephisto Genetics to the lineup, next week.
We also expect to drop Grape Stomper BX3, from Legendary Genetics, next week.  He’s new on the scene so give him a follow @legendary.genetics
We will keep you updated with an exact drop date/time, here on the News Page!