Bodhi – Dragonsblood HP V2 (Dragonsblood F4 x 88G13HP)



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MAMA: Dragonsblood F4

PAPA: ’88 G13 Hashplant

NOTES: High likelihood of possessing a genetic trait that expresses a RED-colored sap.  This trait’s frequency has been increased with each generation.  Please see the original Dragonsblood notes from Bodhi’s initial release (below).

Dragonsblood Notes

(Please note – Bodhi posted these notes publicly many years ago.  He is currently working with the Dragonsblood F4 and the “bleeding” frequency has increased with each generation.  Cosmic Serpant shares the same mother.)

i have been working on a secret project for a few years, not trying to be sneaky, just wanted to make sure i could pull it off before i spilled the beans. I’m about 75% done and things are going very well. its a new male, a male that brings with it a unique genetic marker. the male and its progeny bleed a dark red/violet high brix sap that resembles blood, along with a very different terpene signature and a beautiful uplifting high. originaly i called it just blood, but to not confuse people with the old Hawaiian sativa of the same name, i renamed the line dragons blood after the dark aromatic tree sap used by magians to ward of negative energies and infuse the work space with positive vibes. the line is based off a unique individual from the pipeline hashplant seeds, i sprouted all 23, and one plant had the red trait, I’m thinking it has hawiian blood ancestry deep in its genetics or it was crossed pollinated by the blood. the line dates from the mid nineties, and was bred by a kind soul with deep roots in islands cannabis heritage, he’s no longer with us but will live on through the seeds. in order to isolate the traits in blood specimen i took a pipeline male and crossed it to the blood, then grew out 33 of those looking for the blood trait, about 30% had the trait. i then took those plants and open pollinated them. the next wave had 50% blood traits. repeat the process, now were up to 70%. f1 hybrids with the line are showing a 50% blood traits. blood expressing hybrids of hybrids are showing 0% blood traits with a limited experiment of only 6 seeds. i think one more ix of the line and it will be pretty dominate, I’m hoping not so dominate that it takes over, the deadly g inbreeding taught me that further is not always better, its about balance and synergy. I’ve grown out the dragons blood hashplant (dragons blood f2 x 88g13hp) twice, she’s a beautiful frosty beauty, with that refreshing effect on the mind, body, and soul. testers with the f3 males are ready, and f4s will be popped soon. I’m not sure if i want the trait to stay within the f1’s and initial hybrid outcrosses or be dominate enough to move more freely into the greater gene pool.
the applications are novel and vast. put a hundred og’s in the room, not an easy task to tell them apart, but if one bleeds red you know which that one is. you can also link the trait to other traits making breeding easier by selecting for colored sap individuals. starting family lines and lineages from this royal blood pool will offer up endless possibilities. with deep gratitude and love, Its my pleasure to offer up this this true breeding scarlet cannabis treasure line for the community and the future…