Bodhi – Dream Beaver (Dirty Hippy x Appalachia)



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I knew this would be a special strain, and i needed a special name, something that would make people go WTF! and crack a big smile. i envisioned this odiferous sativa dominant strain as something that the holy man from even cow girls get the blues would toke on up in his cave on full moon nights.  i had that dreamweaver song from the 70’s stuck in my head and was thinking of native American names, and dream beaver was born. later when i searched around for what beaver medicine was in the totems of indigenous people i came across this info and everything fell into place:

“In essence, the beaver tells us to believe in our dreams as if they were real. Build on them as if the dream is your reality.

Change the course of your life flow by structuring your life with a goal to coax your dreams into your physical reality. Animal symbolism of the beaver deals with building our lives up around our dreams.”

The genetics of dream beaver are dirty hippy crossed to appalachia, dirty hippy is an afgooey blocked cross and sister to the snow lotus male, appalachia is green crack x jj’s tres dawg created by h&l. this magical mammalian hybrid smells of muskrat, kitchen herbs, caramelized onion, baked garlic, animal den, she musk, pommellow, peppercorn, and pink grapefruit zest…no joke… with a blast off sativa high that really gets you moving and grooving, and hefty yields of some of the most exotic buds on the block. get your dreams in motion with some dream beaver in your victory garden.


MAMA: Dirty Hippy

PAPA: Appalachia

YIELD: Heavy – Extremely Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 63 – 70 Days

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