Bodhi – Superstitious (Stevie Wonder x SL)



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Stevie Wonder was one of the first hybrids that Bodhi Seeds ever made and is still one of their favorite strains. It’s an incredibly stunning plant comprised of Sensi Star, Train wreck, Blueberry, and Bubba kush. It’s unmistakable aroma and unique look set it apart from all the other plants. Bodhi Seeds let the Snow Lotus male give her the pollen rub down, adding a little more sativa influence, some strawberry accents, and even more resin to the mix. The prolific raised greasy trichomes give off an opalescent sheen of maroon to the heavy colas sublimely scented of strawberry, honeysuckle, rose, bubblegum with hints of vanilla and menthol…extreme frost, scarlet colors, and a warm euphoric up effect.

MAMA: Stevie Wonder [Sensi Star x Trainwreck x Blueberry x Bubba Kush]

PAPA: Snow Lotus

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