CannaExotics – 84% Pure Gooey



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This stage of PG seed making yielded some strong plants that still held onto some of the indy traits from S1. Great Mom traits expressed but tends to be sadative in the high than the more sat dom Pure Gooey.
Still follows Moms timing which is around 8-9 weeks.
A Cannaexotics fan fav!


MAMA: Gooey [35 Year-Old Mom]

PAPA: 72%Gooey

This is a line that Gooeybreeder is still refining and building to this day. As we change the males to suit our needs, we will alert the public to each change as folks find it easier to find phenotypes to love in each batch and find the notices helpful to benefiting their own grow needs. Each release offers folks added helpful benefits, so collect them all to serve yourself best.