DJ Short – Blue V-2 (Flo/TF x Thai Side FL5/FK5)



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A re-release from the ‘Blue Velvet’ line, which could also be referred to as ‘the Thai-side of Flo’. This cross utilizes a female Flo/TF mother bred with the FL5/FK5 (an F4) line that was last used in 1997 for the original Blue Velvet release. The male used is a totally ‘Thai-side’ phenotype of tropical sativa nature. The plants grow tall if vegged for a long period but will stay shorter if flowered from a short-veg time, with telltale foxtail stretches in flower along with long, tight spear-shaped buds. The classic Blue Velvet phenotypes represent approximately 1:4 in this varietal, with other interesting pheno’s presenting as well. The experience from the finished product is sublime, highly sought after and of top-quality status with a full range of tropical/fruity to earthen to woody and floral bouquets. Give this one the time to completely shine her full potential!

MAMA: Two Flo/TF mothers

PAPA: Thai Side FL5/FK5 (F4) – line that was last used in 1997 for the original Blue Velvet release

TYPE: Sat. Dom. Hybrid

HARVEST WINDOW: 57 – 70 Days

NOTES:  Thai-side Flo, Sweet/Savory Sativa, Full-Spectrum, high-yield productive, Sublime Long-Lasting Experience

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