DJ Short – Breeder’s Choice Mix #3



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The ‘GF’ or ‘Gnarly-Fruit’ Side – The third in a series of ‘Breeders’ Choice Mixes’ from DJ Genetics.

This Mix#3 release utilizes parent seed-stock preserved from the mid-1990’s representing the ‘GF’ or ‘Gnarly-Fruit’ lines. The parents being three female reps of the original ‘TF/TF’ stock—more hybrid-like with sweet fruity flavors, and one unique, bright green, lemon-pepper, semi-sterile male of the ‘K3-4#2’ ancestral label. The resulting progeny are hybrid types with some variance within ranges. About half are purple phenotypes with moderate variegation present in half of those, the sweetest fruit flavors found in the purple side. About one-quarter are taller pure-bright-green varieties reminiscent of the Highland Oaxaca Gold with a more sour-pepper bouquet. And a small percent are full-on mutants, some of which may be dialed in and coaxed to normal growth patterns and unique finished product. High ratio of keeper phenotypes for ease of hunting.

Exclusive, One-Time-Only drop!

MAMA:  TF/TF (three females used)

PAPA: Semi-sterile male of the K3 4*2 ancestral label 

AROMA: Sweet, Fruity

HARVEST WINDOW: 55–61 days indoors, mid-October outdoors.  

NOTES: A sweet-fruity Hybrid line with some variegation and mutant potential.  Sweet, Fruity, Hybrids, Purple, Bright-Green, Variegates, Mutants—some coax-able, Unique Phenotypes.