DJ Short – OTM 5.5 (Old Time Moonshine x Blueberry F4)



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The resurrection of the Original Old Time Moonshine line! The mother selected from original F5 OTM seeds (circa 2004) and coupled with the pollen from the F4 Blueberry Male.

A Hybrid cross sporting structural growth patterns of both medium-stretch Indica to short-squat Kush phenotypes, 75% tested with deep-purple, tight-clustered bud sets and approx. 25% developing full cola formations. The stretch phenos, like the mother, are of tropical fruit/tutti-fruitti, cherry and sweet tea while the Kush phenos are more dank musky forest berry along with tart dry burgundy, grape and leather aromas. Flavors of juicy-fruit gum, blueberries, cherries and nutmeg are apparent. The effect is elated and powerful yet clear-headed and focused, motivational and inspirational, energizing and long-lasting were noted in the test smokes. 

Done as a joint project with Blue-Star Seed Co.


MAMA: Selected from original Old Time Moonshine F5 stock (circa 2004)

PAPA: Blueberry F4

FLAVOR: Flavors of juicy-fruit gum, blueberries, cherries and nutmeg.

HARVEST WINDOW:  53 – 59 Days

NOTES:  These are a one-time-only exclusive release as the mother used has passed. Hybrid Cross, Medium-Stretch-Indica to Short-Squat-Kush Phenos, Powerful, Fruity, Musky, Forest-Berry, clear-headed, inspirational, energizing, long-lasting.  Photos by Josh Blue.

Limited to 204 uniquely numbered total packs.