Dynasty – Cherry Vanilla Cookies (GSC Platinum x Ms. Universe)



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Do you like high yielding, potent strains? This lady is for you!  Cherry Vanilla Cookies combines the Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and our famous Ms.Universe clone, which has created a beast of a plant that’s easy to grow, high yielding, potent and tasty. Ripe blossoms smell of Cherry, vanilla ice cream and sweet/doughy cookies.  

MAMA: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

PAPA: Ms. Universe (#10)

HARVEST WINDOW: 63 – 70 Days

Parental Info

MAMA:   Platinum girl scout cookie is a clone only that’s known for its potency.. 

PAPA: Our highly-coveted Ms.Universe #10 male is known to increase trichome coverage on every strain he comes in contact with.  It has an extremely high THC content, but is a very functional and long-lasting medicine… The #10 male carries a DesStar (Starship x Kali Mist) Dominance which brings the disco balls (aka resin glands) to the party, as well as an extra coating of frosting and sweet essence of fruit, caramel and spices…