Dynasty – Huckleberry Des Tar (Des*Tar x Huckleberry 4)



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This plant can be considered a mild psychedelic..

MAMA: Des*Tar

PAPA: 2014 Huckleberry (#4)

AROMA: Pineapple, hashy, haze, huckleberry, caramel.

FLAVOR: Blueberry, huckleberry, pineapple, haze, hash.

EFFECT: Extremely Strong

MEDICINAL EFFECTS: Pain relief, sedating.

POTENCY: Extremely high

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 77 Days

Pheno #1 (40%) 50/50 pheno that expresses traits from both parents. Good yield, fast bloom time and smells of berry/pineapple/haze/hash make this a very pleasurable plant to grow and smoke.

Pheno #2 (30%) Sweetest and densest pheno, expressing more Huckleberry than the others. 56-60 days bloom time, immense trichome coverage on dense buds makes this one of the most appealing bag appeals from the genepool (and easy to grow).

Pheno #3 (10%) Tallest and most rare pheno with most stretch. recessive dominant traits lean towards the DesTar mom. Good resistant to PM and mold.

Pheno #4 (20%) Similar to pheno #3 in every way, but has less fragrance.. Very good pheno for stealth grows.

***Very High Potency on this strain.  All phenos are extremely resinous and fairly easy to grow..

Parental Info

MAMA: Our Des*tar (Starship x Kail Mist) Mother used for this cross is a very unique sativa dominant plant with an indica structure. The Des*tar is extremely stable and has high resistance to disease and pests.. She also has such a high THC content that it will leave a resinous film in your mouth upon exhale… her scents and flavors range from hash oil, caramel, pineapple and haze… 

PAPA: The 2014 Oregon Huckleberry has over 8 years of work devoted to develop. This strain began with Oregon Blueberry (Purple Thai) x Afghan/Santa Maria and has since been refined.   

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