Dynasty – Lime Berry Mega (Megafauna x Huckleberry 5)

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One of the most potent strains released by Dynasty to this day, is touting high THC and high terpenes. Medium to large plants with a hybrid structure produce high yielding potent blossoms. Flavors and smells of lime, berries, pine and haze
mesh together for a synergistic uplifting, and ceiling-less high. 

This is one for daily users and not for beginner smokers or those prone to anxiety.

MAMA: Megafauna #4 

PAPA: 2017 Huckleberry (#5)


NOTES: High terpenes with 25% – 30% THC.

Parental Info

MAMA: Megafauna (Kali Snapple x Super Silver Haze F3) is one of our most potent and highest yielding strains with intense terpenes and mind-blowing effects. Lime zest, pineapple, haze and skunk are dominant in the profile. Not for beginners.

PAPA: The father is a select male chosen out of the Oregon Huckleberry 2017 gene pool, which is our favorite huckleberry male yet. The make up of the 2017 is an Oregon Huckleberry Bx4 using a Mt.Hood Huckleberry female in the mix.