Dynasty – Salmon River OG (Bubba Kush x Blue Heron)



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These genetics work amazing, combining to create great pain relief in a quick flowering, easy to grow plant.

MAMA: Pre ’98 OG Bubba 

PAPA: Blue Heron (#111)

TYPE: Ind. Dom. Hybrid

AROMA: Berries, coffee, cocoa, lemon and hints of petrol.

FLAVOR: Sweet berry flavor and undertones of cocoa/kush/lemon zest/diesel.

EFFECTS: Great pain reliever, but can be too strong if overindulged.

HARVEST WINDOW: 50 – 56 Days

KNOWN PHENOS: Overview: All plants in the gene pool have proven to be great stable potent plants, that are easy to grow with minimal efforts. 

Pheno #1- Bubba Dominant, super resinous “boxy” blossoms that smell and taste epic. With approx. 7 week bloom time, this pheno seemed to be the fastest of the three.

Pheno #2- 50/50 pheno between both parents which exhibits a very desirable, easy to grow medicinal marvel. Blossoms have an “acorn” appeal to them and will ripen around 50-53days.

Pheno #3- Blue heron leaning phono that exhibits the sweetest terpene profile out of the gene pool, but still have a bubba dominant “pole plant structure”. Harvest more towards 8 weeks for the best medicinal effects.


Parental Info

MAMA:  Pre ’98 OG Bubba is a classic clone that we’ve had in and out of our grow rooms since the late 90s (before it had the “Pre98” tag).. A potent heavy hitting indica that has helped countless patients across the world. Tested and proven clone for our indica breeding programs.

PAPA: The Blue Heron (Blue Magoo x Blue Magoo/Huckleberry2011) male was selected over the course of two years and over 120 plants. After thinning the selection down to two males, #111 male has proven to be the keeper that we were seeking.. Recessive traits of the Blue Magoo have been expressed all throughout the offspring.

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