Exotic – Rainbow Chip Player’s Box



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Exclusive freebies included:
Cocobamba (Mint Chip x Rainbow Chip)  |  Bangarang (Bonkers x Rainbow Chip)

Bonus packs included:
(GMO x Rainbow Chip)  |  Grapes & Rainbows (Grape Bubba x Rainbow Chip)


Each Rainbow Chip Player’s Box includes one full pack of the following:

Rainbow Chip F2 (Rainbow Chip x Rainbow Chip)  |  Bakers Dozen (Milk & Cookies x Rainbow Chip)  |  Runtz Buttonz (Runtz x Rainbow Chip)  |  Goudaberry (Red pop x Rainbow Chip)  |  Dirty Little Secret (Donkey Butter x Rainbow Chip)  |  Big League Sherb (Sherb x Rainbow Chip)  |  Gazzungaz (Zkittles x Rainbow Chip) |  Scotty 2 Hotty (Biscotti x Rainbow Chip)  |  Tongue Splasher (Gushers x Rainbow Chip)  |  THE WOAH (Wojo x Rainbow Chip)  |  Rainbow “G” (Sunny G X Rainbow Chip)  |  Southern Sugar (Georgia Pie X Rainbow Chip)  

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