KOS – Dark Matter f2 (Cherry Thunderfuck x Rusty Haze)



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A giant yield with a deadly punch, cash cropper style plant here, and all the way through selecting the females in the CTF (Cherry Thunderfuck) line I always selected for the Matanuska Valley Thunderfuck (MVTF) expressions, as I possessed this original clone way back when. What can I say about this one except super easy to grow, not fussy at all about anything, a huge yielding hash-hard bud, producing massive resin with a distinctive MVTF slant to it. The lemony mango sickeningly sweet flavors are really brought out huge with a two week cure. She has excellent bag appeal and just beautiful huge buds. The Dark Matter paternal breeding parent (male) was also one of mine I have been working for years now, the Rusty Haze, which consists of Skunk #1/Bubblegum (male) x Metal Haze. So as you can extrapolate this lovely variety is truly worthy and she performs perfect indoors with regards to height and stretch.


MAMA: Cherry Thunderfuck

PAPA: Rusty Haze

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 60 Days

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