KOS – Deep Chunk f4 (Original Tom Hill Line)



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I got these seeds originally about a decade ago from my buddy “Moonshine Man” (Jay) and he had gotten them from Tom Hill. I germinated 6 seeds, and ended up with 5 plants, 3 females and 2 males. I put these in an open blow pollination using both males and all three females. All these plants were strong and uber resinous as you would expect from this strain.

This strain is a very narcotic and hard hitting type, as one would expect from a pure blood indica. The yields are very large and just covered in resin, with a very fuel-like aroma and flavors. Likely an excellent pain killer for many people. Easy to grow, easy to trim, boom! I tested these seeds for viability basically right off the plants and got 90% so they are super viable for sure.

LINEAGE: Tom Hill Inbred by KOS (a long line of inbred Afghan Hashplant) – Pure Indica

YIELD: Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 63 Days