KOS – Fat Tuesday (Kali Thai x Bogglegum)



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A very connoisseur quality sativa dominant right here, and it’s not sleepy in the least with a ton of inspirational old school sativa energy, and truly what I would call prime adventure weed. Pretty much 10 weeks on the nose and very easy to grow; she will stretch a bit going into flowering and you can expect her to get 3x her size if she is established. The smells during flowering and after harvesting are SEVERELY STRONG and these aspects need to be taken into consideration. She smells dank-dank-dank, and strongly of sour kiwi fruit and blonde hashish. She tastes almost exactly the same, very strong kiwi fruit with a sour/blonde hashish finish – delicious! She is a VERY potent and intense regarding her high-type/resin profile; electric skin sensations and nice long legs at about 3 hours. A superior sativa representation here in my humble opinion.


MAMA: Kali Thai [Circa ’99]

PAPA: Bogglegum

YIELD: Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 65 – 70 Days

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