KOS – Riffraff Thai (Deep Chunk x Kali Thai)



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MAMA: Kali Thai (pre 2000 genetics)

PAPA: Deep Chunk (2 males) 

TYPE: Ind. Dom. Hybrid (70/30)

AROMA/FLAVOR: Honey Oil/Acrid/Sharp/Dank

MEDICINAL EFFECTS: Highly dysfunctional; super spacey; maximum level trippy and intense – onset is 10 minutes and lasts several Hours with a Smooth Come-Down.

YIELD: Extremely Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 70 – 77 Days

KNOWN PHENOS:  The Riffraff Thai basically has two main phenotypes, with some sub-variants within those two phenotypes. The first one leans on the indica side fairly heavy, in looks and effects. Huge yielding with fat colas, super dense; and just dripping with resin. The other phenotype I call the “Kali Pheno” and she represents a much higher sativa influence in her looks and her resin profile. Seriously spacey and intense. She normally goes 77 days, while the more indica type pheno goes 70 days. 

Parental Info

MAMAS: The (maternal P1) female, is a hybrid made by an old buddy of mine (Opie Kenope); like, well over a decade ago. She’s called Kali Thai (KT), and talk about some serious potency, whoa! The Kali Thai is a 2-way F1 hybrid, made using (pre 2000 genetics) Kali Mist, and Juicyfruit Thai. The JFT was not the true sativa dominant JFT from Holland, this was the shorter stouter indica looking version, out of Canada. 

PAPAS: The (paternal P1) father is actually two individual Deep Chunk (DC) males. I have inbred the Deep Chunk several times now and have always selected for 3 biggies: yields/size, purple expressions, and potency/resin production. The DC always brings massive resin production to the table, along with big fat dense colas and larger yields overall; as a rule of thumb.