Legendary – Grape Stomper BX3



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Each pack comes with 10 free brian berry cough f1 beans!!!!

I found the Grape Stomper to be one of the top strains I have ever experienced.  The terps are as grape candy as they get, but the bx2 was very leggy and although the trichs are abundant I wasn’t 100% happy with the calyx to leaf ratio so when GGG came out with the Joseph OG cross I knew it would be a good opportunity to do a backcross to create shorter phenos.  In the process of backcrossing to get her shorter I always chose the phenos with the highest grape terps, highest calyx to leaf ratio and highest potency.  The Grape Puff had some spice to it that I didn’t care for so I bred that out.  After the initial cross of the bx2 and the Grape Puff(OG) I selected a keeper out of 100 and backcrossed it with the original bx2 again.  I did this a few more times until 100% stability had been achieved into what I think to be the best grape strain on the planet.