Mephisto – Orange Biscuits (Forum Stomper x Orange Diesel) [FEM AUTO]




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LINEAGE: Forum Stomper x Orange Diesel

TYPE: 40% Indica 60% Sativa

GENERATION: F3 Feminized Automatic

SIZE: Medium

HARVEST WINDOW: 70-80 Days from sprout

With positive traits from both parents, the lovely tight bud structure from Orange Diesel and the oodles of sticky frost from our Forum Stomper, Orange Biscuits is a match made in Zion. She grows easily, with almost Bane-like resistance levels. The other element with levels to keep in mind is the odour, she’s a straight-up carbon filter killah queen; dynamite, no laser beam but still guaranteed to blow your mind. 

She’s another strain from this limited release that likes to peacock during her fade, displaying a variety of beautiful colours, all the way to hot pink. Just a quick word to the wise, this ain’t the strain to sleep on.

Aroma and Flavour: Smells like orange chantilly cream. Like a classic Licor 43 & orange juice.
Effect: Happy head high, zippy, uplifting & giggly.
Medicinal Effect: Good for treating stress & depression. Mood enhancer.