Mephisto – Sweet & Sour – (Toof Decay x Sour Stomper) [FEM AUTO]




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MAMA: Toof Decay

PAPA: Sour Stomper

HARVEST WINDOW: 70-80 Days From Sprout

Sweet ‘n’ Sour in typical Mephisto Genetics fashion is a frosty frosty little madam! She grows with nice vigour, displaying a nice blend of indica and sativa traits and has the potential to stack rapidly to produce an array of long colas. Alternatively, she can be heavily trained to produce a flat blanket of sparkling buds. 

Sweet ‘n’ Sour starts producing frost early on, and her aromas will take you on a journey throughout the grow. Ranging from floral, to sweet, progressing to more outright fruity guavas with a pinch of sourness. The bud-to-leaf ratio of Sweet ‘n’ Sour is frankly exceptional, so whilst big yields are possible, don’t be worried about a stint in trim jail, it’ll be more akin to a short stay in a white-collar prison with tennis courts and day release.