Mosca – Raspberry Boogie S1 [FEM]



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Raspberry Boogie is a very special 60% indica marijuana strain. It was created by the judicious crossing of a Sour Raspberry with the Pink 2.0 male. It scores high marks for aroma and flavor and has off-the-scale levels of TOTAL THC of 29.3. These figures were arrived at by growing with organic methods which Mosca Seeds recommends. Pain relief for arthritis sufferers is another property of Raspberry Boogie.

It grows well indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses but if not grown indoors it will need a warm climate and good exposure to the sun. Dry autumns are also a must. These short plants reach an average of 91.5 cm. tall but are quite bushy yielding 1000 gr/plant indoors. In late flower they turn a very attractive mauve/purple colour especially with cooler night-time temperatures. The hit from this strain has plenty of oomph with a heavy, meditative stoned feeling for powerful relaxation and is recommended to alleviate arthritis.

This Gal is special-Amazing Raspberry taste & aroma, big , chunky, colorful colos.

MAMA: Raspberry Boogie

PAPA: Raspberry Boogie (Reversed)

LINEAGE: Sour Raspberry x Pink 2.0

TYPE: Ind. Dom. Hybrid (60/40)


EFFECTS: Meditative, Strong


YIELD: Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 58 – 60 Days