Rare Dankness – Purple Swish Haze (Purple Swish x Neville’s Haze)




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MAMA: Purple Swish

PAPA: Neville’s Haze

Purple Swish X Neville’s Haze is an intriguing hybrid strain that combines the genetic heritage of two distinct cannabis varieties. 

This strain exhibits two phenotypes that strike a balance for a true hybrid. One leans toward the Urkle OG, featuring dark purple flowers with a sweet, hazy berry taste and aroma. The other phenotype leans toward Neville’s green, characterized by spear-shaped flowers and robust branches. With mild metallic taste on the nose.

Both phenotypes benefit from trellising, higher light intensity, and attentive nutrient management. Expect a delightful blend of sweet berries with a metallic haze undertone, complemented by a hazy, pine, and berry scent.


Growing: A versatile hybrid suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Requires proficient growing experience.