Red Eyed – Emerald City Cookies (GSC Platinum x Locktite)



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A creamy, eucalyptus, cookie dough, menthol odor permeates your nostrils. Bag appeal is off the hook with bright purple streaks under copious amounts of trichomes. Some phenos have a cherry pie crust with hints of vanilla and citrus. Strong notes of sour cherry fuel pie crust take over the senses with strong notes of cookie dough and Menthol that linger in the nose.

After a rich creamy inhale of mind-numbing potent smoke, you immediately hit sensory overload. Your palate becomes saturated with heavy notes of classic Girl Scout Cookie, Kush and fuel from the first inhale to minutes after smoking. Strong notes of cookie dough and Kush engulf the senses.

Bag appeal alone would immediately Propel itself onto top shelves of cannabis retailers across the globe.
People will immediately take note of heavier denser trichome coverage then even the Platinum Girl Scout cookies itself this plant is truly first-class herb. Terpene Rich, trichome encrusted dankness. This stone is for seasoned vets only!

MAMA: GSC [Platinum]

PAPA: Locktite

YIELD: Average – Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 58 – 63 Days