Red Eyed – Golden Glue (Jew Gold x Locktite)



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This heavy yielding trichome encrusted strain has an astringent Aroma of sour Pine fuel accompanied by a strong essence of creamy eucalyptus and subtle background hints of menthol. The Menthol, eucalyptus and Pine-Sol fuel dominate the flavor as well, and linger on your palette for minutes after the initial toke. There are also phenos with strawberry, hashy, citrus terpenes as well . The high is very strong and sets in behind the eyes with a strong euphoric sativa dominant High. Warning, don’t smoke too much or the Indica influence will begin to shine!

MAMA: Jew Gold (aka Kosher Kush)

PAPA: Locktite

YIELD: Average – Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 60 – 68 Days