Red Eyed – Trilock (TK x Locktite)



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OG fans rejoice! Tired of struggling with yields of typical finicky OGs that are out there? Problem Solved. Trilock is an easy to grow, massive yielding hybrid that retains many traits of the Triangle Kush. The nose is spot on OG, Gas, Diesel, and with bits of lemons in the background. If you’re a gas or OG junkie, here is your fix. The smoke will leave a rush of flavor that sits on your pallet for minutes after your toke. Another fantastic strain for hash makers and extraction experts alike dumping huge yields of top notch product that will fetch top dollar for its farmers. Use with extreme caution as this is one of our most potent offerings. Fantastic stone that can last for hours. Expect most to flower in 8 to 10 weeks. Use staking to hold up giant nugs late in flower.

MAMA: Triangle Kush

PAPA: Locktite

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 70 Days