Red Eyed – Wicked Glue (Clementine X Tripoli Wicked X Locktite)



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Very hard to describe the aroma on this. Earthy, peat moss, Citrus, floral, rotten orange covered in three-day-old garlic sauce and deep creamy chocolate nuances?

On the first inhale it’s complete terpene overload. The palate gets saturated with so many flavors at the same time, it’s hard to choose one to key in on. On the inhale, strong notes of chem, garlic and cream drench the palette. On the exhale things take an immediate turn towards burnt orange, citrus and notes of lavender.

This strain is perfect for people looking for more of a blend of indica and sativa effects. This potent hybrid gives you an immediate lift but be careful not to smoke too much or you’ll be quickly coming right back down! Sativa lovers will find it just heady enough to keep it in their collection.

LINEAGE: Clementine X Tripoli Wicked X Locktite

YIELD: Average – Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 63 Days