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MAMA: Alaskan Snow (Bodhi)

PAPA: Pfunky Brewster

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 63 Days

Pfunky Brewster Info

Pfunky Brewster –(BBHP x Judge Fruitti) (BBHP)Blueberry Hashplant is a Bodhi Seeds hybrid combining Blue Dream (santa cruz cut) with his 88G13HP and from 2 packs I selected a blue dream leaning father with heavy acrid notes and plenty of resin on his flowers.

Judge Fruitti– The mother of Pfunky Brewster was a cut I was gifted when I first got out to Washington- I met an old timer with a chili bowl haircut who had a stable of fine sativa dominant bushes. I was allowed to take cuts of whichever I wanted. I went for the fattest bush there who had a juicy fruit smell to her. The result is all sorts of fruit and funk! 

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