Useful – Blueberries and Chocolate (BBHP x Choc. D) [FEM]



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MAMA: Blueberry Hashplant (Respect cut)

PAPA: Chocolate Diesel (Clone reversed)

YIELD: Extremely Heavy

Parental Info

MAMA: The mother of this cross is a heavy-yielding Blueberry Hashplant cut (bred by Bodhi Seeds, selected by Respect Genetics) which is a cross of the Santa Cruz Blue Dream cut and Bodhi’s notorious ’88 G13 Hashplant (bred by ndnguy).  This amazing lady was chosen for her insane vigor and stability, profuse sugar production, and better-sit-down-now type of potency.  Her aromas/flavors are remnant of a blueberry-filled bakery mixed with old school hash tones.  

PAPA (Clone Reversed): Chocolate Diesel is a sativa dominate cannabis strain made by Maphial in mid-2000’s, that was offered only as an auction-item and was rare from its very beginning. The line brings together genetics from the Reservoir Seeds’ “Sour Diesel” (a v1.5-version male-selection) and Dutch Flowers’ “Chocolate Trip” (Katsu’s F1-Cut).

Smoke Report

Three lovely ladies, three lovely phenos! Sadly, I did not keep them separated. Upon opening the jar, the smell is of fermenting blueberries – a funky, pungent odor with vinegar tinges that sting the nose and an overly-sweet, ripe, blueberry with light, floral notes… BUT that funk is strong!

[Six week cure but I’ve been smoking on it the whole time. Method of smoking only joints; Elements papers.]

Lady #1
– A dense nug, nothing but funk. A thick smoke, oily and strong. So oily, it leaves rings of resin running away from the flame down the paper! As you unstick the joint from your lips and exhale, the smoke is smooth with bitter, dark chocolate notes and a slight earthy-hash taste. Did I mention it’s oily?

Lady #2 – There’s that fermented blueberry, sour, and sweet-funky, vinegar twang. Oily hash and chocolate like #1 but with that sweet and sour blue on exhale; very nice.

Lady #3 – Nothing but soft, sweet, blueberry and floral notes… no funk at all.  … A bit fluffier of a nug. Soft and sweet on exhale blueberry with slight green floral notes.  This one should have gone another week or two… taste a bit immature. My bad, lady #3, that was my fault.

Potency I would say is a 7.5.  Heavy body with the euphoric blueberry puts me in a good mood with droopy eyes.

My complements to Useful lovely strain and a breeze to grow. 
Smoke Report by Secret Squirrel