Useful – Chocolate Mint Diesel (Choc. Mint OG x Choc. D) [FEM]



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MAMA: Chocolate Mint OG

PAPA: Chocolate Diesel (Clone reversed)

Parental Info

MAMA:  Chocolate Mint OG is a super strong strain was realized by crossing Emerald OG Kush with Granddaddy Purple. The mint, chocolate, and pine flavors of this strain are complemented with an acidic touch. This plant induces cerebral and physical effects. The flowering phase lasts for 58-63 days. The fan leaves, sugar leaves, and buds can take on interesting colors such as purple and blue. It’s a visually appealing plant that can make any interior decor look magnificent.

PAPA (Clone Reversed): Chocolate Diesel is a heavy-yielding, sativa-dominant cross  (made by Maphial in the mid-2000’s) that was offered only as an auction-item and was rare from its very beginning. The line brings together genetics from the Reservoir Seeds’ “Sour Diesel” (a v1.5-version male-selection) and Dutch Flowers’ “Chocolate Trip” (Katsu’s F1-Cut).