Useful – Double Dipped Strawberries [FEM]



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The Double Dipped Strawberries is a cross of an extremely frosty Chocolate Covered Strawberries F2 that had hints of strawberry on the nose.  She had a real nice, uplifting high as well so I just had to hit her with the reversed pollen of my Chocolate Diesel clone.  

MAMA: Chocolate Covered Strawberries F2 [Exotic Genetix]

PAPA: Chocolate Diesel [Clone Reversed]

TYPE: Ind. Dom. Hybrid

YIELD:  Average – Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 70 Days

POTENCY LEVEL: HIGH – Extremely High

Parental Info

MAMA:  Useful’s selection of Chocolate Covered Strawberries (by Exotic Genetix) packs on very colorful, aromatic buds that reek and emulate an artificial strawberry to a T. If that isn’t enough… how about adding a little chocolate on top. Truth be told… that’s exactly how it smells and tastes. Simply put… it’s a party in your mouth! Expect exceptional yields and an assortment of strawberry smells.

PAPA (Clone Reversed): Chocolate Diesel is a sativa dominate cannabis strain made by Maphial in mid-2000’s, that was offered only as an auction-item and was rare from its very beginning. The line brings together genetics from Reservoir Seeds’ “Sour Diesel” (a v1.5-version male-selection) and Dutch Flowers’ “Chocolate Trip” (Katsu’s F1-Cut).