Useful – Orange Cookies x Choc. D [FEM]



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Insane terps guaranteed!

MAMA: Orange Cookies

PAPA: Chocolate Diesel (Clone Reversed)

AROMA: Smells range from orange creamsicles to the smell of a skunk being beaten with a bag of oranges.

HARVEST WINDOW: 63 – 70 Days

Parental Info

MAMA:  Orange Cookies’ potency and bag appeal are clear as it won 2nd Best Hybrid Flower in the 2015 High Times SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup and carries a THC composition that ranges from 15% to 20%!

PAPA (Clone Reversed): Chocolate Diesel is a heavy-yielding, sativa-dominant cross  (made by Maphial in the mid-2000’s) that was offered only as an auction-item and was rare from its very beginning. The line brings together genetics from the Reservoir Seeds’ “Sour Diesel” (a v1.5-version male-selection) and Dutch Flowers’ “Chocolate Trip” (Katsu’s F1-Cut).