Kokua Seed

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Sir Isaac Newton.

In 1989 I moved from So. Cal to the Kona Coast of Hawaii. From day one, after being
taken in by a local who grew cannabis plants at his coffee shack overlooking
Kealakekua Bay, it has been about growing cannabis and producing strains out of
passion. I was also renamed Jimi my first day on the Island and since then, Jimi its
I try to work with the gear that is not grooved in the mainstream, and instead offer
unique terpene profiles and select for trich protection and structure as well. All offerings
are tested in batches of 40 plants. Kokua Seeds are produced in the Hawaiian
sunshine. Stability is achieved with these strains but variations in climate or care may
result in different results. I strive to address any issues promptly.

Many of the famous Hawaiian strains have gone the way of Roadkill Skunk and exist
only as a stash of seeds in some uncle’s closet. I am a keeper of Kona Duckfoot IBL.
Every plant expresses the duckfoot trait and is a great strain to takeover a grow site or
use as a back cross.
All credit due to those before me that made what I do possible. There is always
someone else’s work in everything we work with and create.
At Kokua Seed we celebrate that with preservations and new twists on great gear.

Jimi, Kokua Seed